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Online terms of sale

The following terms of sale apply to the Wheelerdealer online photographic gallery. These terms are the only ones applicable, with exclusion to any other, in particular, those applicable in shops.

1 : Ordering

Using the website : www.wheelerdealer.org
Orders can be placed by phone, please look in the "contact" section

By clicking the order button after completing the order process, you accept  the order and all the terms and conditions that follow.
The reception of your order will be confirmed by an e-mail message.
The data recorded by the Wheelerdealer gallery constitutes proof of all transactions passed between the Wheelerdealer gallery and its clients. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.
The Wheelerdealer gallery will be able to cancel or refuse any order placed by a customer who has not fully paid any previous orders.

2 : Price

The price of the photographs is in Euros, inclusive of all taxes but does not include delivery costs.

With regards to orders outside France, you are the importer of the photograph(s). Import duties and / or taxes could be due in case of delivery outside the European Union and DOM-TOMs. These duties and / or taxes are not the responsibility of the Wheelerdealer gallery. They will be your responsibility in terms of declaration and payment to the appropriate government bodies in your country. You are advised to seek information about these matters from the appropriate local authorities.

The Wheelerdealer gallery will be able to change its prices at any moment. The photographs will be charged at the applicable rate, at the time the order is placed, providing the photograph is still available.

The photographs will remain the property of the Wheelerdealer gallery until full payment is received.

3 : Delivery

Delivery will be made to the address provided on the order form.
Delivery time (15 working days) mentioned on Wheelerdealer gallery's order form is given as an approximate guideline. Any delivery delays will not give the client the right to cancel their order, to refuse it or to request damages. The Wheelerdealer gallery cannot be held liable for any consequences caused by a delay in delivery.

When a client orders several photographs at the same time, handling and delivery fees will only be charged for one photograph.

For payment by cheque, the order will only be processed once the cheque is received and verified. Delivery time will only start from the day the cheque is received.

Upon delivery, you must sign a form proving receipt of the order.
In case of damage to the photograph(s), it will be your responsibility to provide a detailed account to the carrier, by writing "SR" (Sous réserve) in France on the delivery slip, so as to claim the insurance money.

4 : Payment
Payment will be in Euros only :
-    By credit card : Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Switch, Solo or Paypal.
Secure payment will be provided by Paypal.
-    By cheque, made out to Andrew Wheeler, drawn on a bank account based in France or Monaco, and sent to : Andrew Wheeler, 57 Boulevard de l'Yser, 76000, Rouen, France.

5 : Returned goods & Refunds
5.1 – You have 7 days to return the photograph should it not meet your entire satisfaction. Delivery and return fees will be yours to pay. Only the price of the photograph(s) bought will be refunded.
Returned goods must be sent to Andrew Wheeler, 57 Boulevard de l'Yser, 76000, Rouen, France in good condition and with the invoice.
5.2 – Photographs returned in a damaged or soiled condition by the client will not be taken back or refunded.
5.3 – Refunds will be made within 30 days of receiving the returned photographs. The method of the refund will be chosen by the Wheelerdealer gallery : either by crediting your credit card or bank account, or by cheque made out to the name of the client who placed the order and sent to the invoice address.
5.4 – No cash on delivery returns will be accepted.

6 : Availability

In case any item of your order is unavailable, your order will be cancelled. If your credit card or bank account has been debited you will receive an immediate refund.
Regarding payment by cheque, the refund method will be chosen by the Wheelerdealer gallery, either by crediting your Paypal, credit card or bank account, or by cheque no longer than 30 days from the date of receipt of the client's cheque.

7 : Customer Service

We are reachable for any information request or to answer any questions :
By e-mail : andrewjpwheeler@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
By post : Andrew Wheeler, 57, Boulevard de l'Yser, 76000, Rouen, France.

8 : Non payment

In case of non payment, the sale will be cancelled without prior warning; all expenses already incurred (including printing and delivery costs) will be due immediately, without affecting the right to any compensation & damages the Wheelerdealer gallery feels it has a right to.

Futhermore, the Wheelerdealer gallery will be able to cancel a customer's order once it has been accepted if the latter cannot demonstrate sufficient funds or if there is a risk of insolvability with the latter, the customer cannot request any damages or compensation for this cancellation.

9 : Your right of cancellation

A customer who cancels an order, having notified the Wheelerdealer gallery in writing (by post or e-mail) will be liable for any expenses incurred (including printing and delivery costs) this does not affect the Wheelerdealer gallery's rights to any compensation & damages it feels it has a right to if the order is cancelled in an abusive manner.

10 : Personal Information

Any of the information that you give us by means of the registration form and the ordering form, or by any other method, can be processed by computer in order to complete your order, secure payment, sending the ordered photographs and keeping you abreast with developments at the Wheelerdealer Gallery. This information will consequently be made available, in France and abroad, to public bodies and private companies, but only for the aforementioned purposes. By confirming your order you authorise us to transmit your information under these conditions.
In accordance with the law n? 78-17 of January 6, 1978 (Computing and freedom), you can have access to this information, request changes or corrections or demand not to be stored in our database. You can exercise this right by sending us an e-mail to the following address : andrewjpwheeler@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

11 : Intellectual property

All the texts, comments, works, images, illustrations and photographs that appear on the www.wheelerdealer.org website are protected by copyright law worldwide, they may only be used for personal non-commercial purposes for the purpose of placing an order. Therefore, in conformity with French law governing intellectual property, reproduction of the Wheelerdealer gallery website wheelerdealer.org, whether partial or complete, is strictly forbidden.

12 : Force majeure

In accordance with article 1148 of the French Civil code, the Wheelerdealer gallery cannot be held responsible or considered as having made a mistake in the completion of your order, if any delay or lack of completion is due to Force majeure.

13 : Guarantees

The Wheelerdealer gallery is committed to respecting all legal guarantees that you might be entitled to. The photographs presented on the website being in accordance with the requirements of French law, we cannot be held responsible for the violation of any laws applicable to the country of the photograph's delivery. Consequently, you are advised to inform yourself about the laws in place at the country of delivery.

14 : Law to be applied in case of a dispute

This contract is governed by French law.
In case of a dispute, only the French courts of justice will have jurisdiction.