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Andrew Wheeler exposé par Propos d'Artistes, Agence d'Art Contemporain à Paris

Grâce au soutien du curateur Eric Le Gallo, mon travail est visible sur le site de l'Agence Parisienne "Propos d'Artistes". Une exposition dans les locaux au 14 rue Charles V • 75004 Paris, est à venir prochainement.


Thanks to the curator Eric Le Gallo's support, my work is featured on the Parisian agency "Propos d'Artistes"'s website. There will be an upcoming exhibition at the Agency's exhibition space : 14 rue Charles V • 75004 Paris.



"Survivors" book by GMB Akash

Please go here to get info about GMB Akash's book "Survivors":




You can order this book by contacting Akash on:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


“My photo book ‘Survivors’ is not only important presentation of my 10 years works. It is significant to me in many ways. Surviving in a poor country — facing adversity daily — is akin to a lifetime of tragedy. So in a number of ways, the images presented on these pages are my own experiences, too. My journeys connect me to the many characters. Sometimes I had to run, take a ride on the roof of a moving train, sleep on a flooded floor and spend many hours walking the maze of avenues through sprawling city slums. It is the reaching of my protagonists, the welcome into their homes and their lives, that makes my work worthwhile.

And if mine is the hand that blocks the scorching sun from their eyes — bringing shade for just a single minute, then there’s value in the work I do. I am touched that people started valuing my small step. Yes, one never can complete one’s quest for serving for humanity but I am trying. While photography is a big task but beside it is my willingness to serve these people whom I photograph which is more challenging.

I am gifting business/source of income to each family I am able to give from my book ‘Survivors’. Finding people from the book whom I captured 5-10 years ago, talking/sharing ideas with them, finding the right business, even in some cases doing the business myself for few days, educating them, monitoring them become toughest than photography. But I believe, every amazing achievement starts with an impossibility. Now after seeing these happy families of Survivors, I realize, when many little people in many small places do many small things, they can change the face of the world” – GMB Akash

survivors 1

Over the course of the last decade, I have built a collection of photographs depicting the wise, resigned, sad and sometimes bewildered faces of children, sex workers, climate change survivors and many others who share the “struggle” day-in and day-out. And although the circumstances of many of the people I portray may be grim, as individual they are people of remarkable character. And it is the beauty of such people and the human soul that remains when nearly all else is gone. This beauty I strive to capture in the photographs I take.



Exposition at Hélio Service in Rouen

Andrew Wheeler
David Carr
Davin Ellicson
GMB Akash
Jean-Marc Armani
Peter Coles

Exposent 44 tirages de 50 X 75 cm jusqu'au 80 X 200 cm

Dates : Du Mardi 21 février au Vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Adresse : 16 Bis rue Alfred Kastler, 76130 Mont Saint Aignan
Tel : 02 32 19 50 23